Grand Piano solo Concerts

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Rainer Bruninghaus opened the festival with a piano solo suite made up of his own compositions combined with old jazz tunes, in which his conceptual approach was toned down by the right amount of dreaminess. His firm grip on the keys was backed by a submersed tinge of lyricism; the sober and collected scalar ascents built up to well-dosed tension peaks, tempered by harmonic alertness.

Large concerting roots amplified by a strong left hand achieved Baroque roundness; a nervous rustle of keys alternating with wide-paced intervals of rest became a balanced journey among the pearlescent clouds in rosy hues of gray. The tunes floated away carried by the warm air currents into a harmonic whirl that mingled the colors and scents of spring. Intensified by the direct key attacks, the melody rose in a jubilant arch, floated diaphanously, and was then brought to an abrupt, suspended end. (Jazz-In-Church-Festival Bucuresti)


Best of all is Brüninghaus…….who constantly plays sly games, particularly on a wonderful solo stride piano spot, which sees him slapping and punching his keyboard in apparent joy.

Hans Joachim Maquet
(from Jazz-Podium):

Rainer Brüninghaus entered the stage alone, sat down at the grand piano gently and played a wonderful solo. He spanned a wide musical range from refined miniatures to eruptive sound cascades.

Review from "DIE RHEINPFALZ",
"Inexhaustible imagination: RAINER BRÜNINGHAUS SOLO"

„Rainer Brüninghaus connects elements of classical music and jazz piano, improvising with inexhaustible imagination. His virtuoso playing always stands in the service of the musical ideas.“

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